FlicWic’s Hemp Wick Dispenser is a Dream Come True for Connoisseurs

flic wic tutorial


FlicWic makes lighting Cannabis with a hemp wick safe and easy! Cannabis connoisseurs around the world are becoming more aware of the many health and environmental benefits of using hemp wicks to light their bowls:


  • Health: Hemp wicks eliminate the risk of inhaling butane or noxious gases into your lungs. Butane can be toxic to your health.
  • Taste & Potency: Improves cannabis flavor and potency while decreasing harshness. Because hemp is not a gas, it combusts at lower temperatures than butane, allowing users to taste flavors and experience terpenes that would have been tainted or burnt away with a traditional lighter.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Hemp wicks are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The plastic from lighters is not as it must be thrown away in a trash can. The lifespan of a lighter is greatly increased with the addition of hemp wick.
  • Cleanliness: Hemp wicks create a dry resin instead of the gooey black resin that coats bowls, down-stems, and pipes. Your glass will stay clean longer and be easier to sanitize.
  • Precision: Hemp wicks create a smaller flame than a lighter. This allows the consumer to accurately and easily corner a bowl to avoid re-smoking ashy areas. It also makes it easy for the social smoker to not torch the entire bowl before passing it.

The benefits of lighting cannabis with a wick are undeniable and our friends at FlicWic spent years designing, creating, and perfecting the best hemp wick dispenser on the market. The innovative design houses a mini-Bic lighter along with a 12-foot spool of hemp wick in a durable casing that is about the same size as a traditional lighter.

flicwic being lit

  • The FlicWic is made of a high tech, super strong material that is 100% recyclable and heat and flame resistant.
  • No more burned thumbs!
  • No more juggling a lighter, a wick, and a pipe.
  • Conveniently and safely extinguishes the wick with no need to pinch, press, or lick the glowing ember. Keeps your wick clean and fresh. Even on the go!
  • Light candles, barbecues, campfires.
  • Great for emergencies! One spool lit one time provides over one hour of constant flame. The wick even burns when wet!